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3 - Responsibility :

Eutelsat  S.A. reserves the right to correct at any time and without prior notice the contents of this site. Eutelsat S.A. declines any responsibility in case of delay, of error or omission to include the present pages even in case of interruption or non availability of service. Eutelsat S.A. cannot be held responsible for any decision taken on the basis of information included on the site, or the use carried out by a third party. Any person wishing to benefit from one or more services and/or one of the many products shown on the site is invited to contact Eutelsat S.A. to make inquiries about contractual conditions and applicable rates of this (these) product(s) and/or service(s).

The collection of accessible information via this site are supplied as is. Eutelsat S.A. gives no guarantee, explicit or implicit, and assumes no responsibility concerning the utilisation of this information.
The access to products and services given on site can be the purpose of restrictions with respect to some persons or in certain countries.

None of the products and/or services is supplied by Eutelsat S.A. to a person if the law of his country of origin or any other  concerned forbids it. However it is the responsibility of any user to verify that his juristiction and actual status allows him to subscribe to the products and/or the services shown on site.

4- Technical damages :

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5- Hypertext Links :

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6 - Cookies :

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7 - Personal data:

All the information included in the forms are registered by Eutelsat S.A.
The information collected for the purpose of IT processing is intended for professionals.
The addressee of data is Eutelsat S.A. - Tooway marketing department
The information collected can be transmitted to the members of the EUTELSAT group and commercial partners of Eutelsat S.A.
Conforming to the law  "Information Technology and leeways"  of 6th January 1978 modified by law of 6th August 2004, you benefit from a right of access and rectification of information which concerns you, and how you work by addressing Eutelsat S.A.- Département Marketing Tooway, 70 rue Balard, 75015 Paris, France.

The data processed by the applications used in this site have the purpose of a declaration of the the National Commission of Information Technology and leeways  (CNIL registered under number 2013012501.
The users of site are bound to adhere to the law related to IT, files, leeways, the violation of which is a black mark and can result in penal sanctions
You are not permitted to use any personal information however it is accessed, from whichever source, either indirectly or generally, such that you might violate the privacy or reputation of any individual.

8 - Integrability :

The user is informed that they must regularly refer to the  general conditions to be aware of modifications that can be carried out by EUTELSAT S.A. Version of date 28th January 2013